Your grocer wants to sex you up.

I read this blip today:

Grocery stores get sexier: The ’90s were all about grocers becoming either massive superstores — offering onsite banking, dry cleaning and enough varieties of bread, ice cream and frozen dinners to induce culinary stupor — or sparse warehouses.

Today, the trend is toward glamming up the grocery experience. You’ll see lots of attractive displays of prepared foods, as well as a deconstruction of the traditional aisle layout in favor of a more open market floor plan.

Westborn. Papa Joes. Nino’s and Holiday: Sexy.
Trader Joes: Organically sexy in a Hawaiian shirt kind of way.
Costco/ Sams Club: Only if you like sexy by the case.
Kroger: Semi-attractive… depends on what store you go to.
Meijer: Eh. Even a Starbucks in every store can’t make the “Walmart” of grocery stores sexy. Stick to what you know. Please realize I love you for your low prices. And I’m okay with the fact you don’t glam-ize your food. I don’t beautify myself up when I visit you at 10:30 on Sunday night in my sweats…see you tomorrow night sweetheart.



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