Thirsty. (But Not That Thirsty)

True story:

My sister and I decided to pay $5.50 for the medium popcorn today before we went to go see 27 Dresses (btw- Perez is right, Heigl is the new Witherspoon). We asked for a glass of non-bottled water. So the concessions stand girl…let’s caller her Jenny… Jenny filled up a large pop glass of water and told us our total was $9.50.

“Did you just charge us four dollars for tap water?”- My sister
“Uh, I have to charge you for the glass.”- Jenny (w/ an omg, like DUH tone)
“Don’t you have a free glass?”- My sister
“Yeah, um, it’s these. (Jenny holds up a small looking Dixie cup).
“Yeah, those will be fine.”- Me

Jenny rolls her eyes (I’m sorry, did we put you out Jenny?)– And dumps the water out and tosses the four-dollar glass. Jenny gives us two Dixie cups with warm water. No ice for us. As if we should be punished for not paying the four dollars.

So, Jenny- let’s talk. Spread the word to all your unhappy cohorts.

I know you make minimum wage and you’re probably saving up for some tramp-looking prom dress. And I realize your disgruntle attitude stems from the fact that you rather see a movie than scooping popcorn for us. But if you hate retail so much, move on after 6 months. And for one second, instead of treating us like cheap bastards (it’s not like you work on commission)– would you consider one of a million reasons why we are asking for water instead of sugar-filled cola. My sister happens to be pregnant and has decided not to feed the baby phosphoric acid and other shiz.
You make me want to go back to my days where I snuck in my own drink and drugstore candy in my big mama purse.

In fact, your “I-can’t-believe-you-are-shocked-that-I’m-charging-you-an-arm-and-a-leg-for-a-water-glass” attitude has re-inspired me. Thank you Jenny.

You just lost a customer.


One thought on “Thirsty. (But Not That Thirsty)

  1. Hey, I know what you mean about the water. I’m a psychologist starting a blog on how we can learn about people and relationships thru the movies, which means I’m going to a whole bunch. At the theater I go to most often (sort an art theater)once the movie starts, you can hear lots of “foops” as people open the cans they smuggled in.

    Dr. BD

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