Tea Party (in my cube)

2 cups a tea per day x 365 day in the year= me (and 730 cups of tea)

Green Tea Tropical:

Mighty Tea Leaf

I’ve had my fair share of tea but, I didn’t really realize the greatness of green tea until I lived in Japan. Since then, I’m constantly trying new kinds of green tea. I found this tea goodness at the Hotel Dominion in Quebec. This was the kind of tea where once I drank it, I knew it would be hard to go back to other greens. I even packed a few bags until I could find it back in the US. I was just about to order it online when I found it at Papa Joes. When I met up with people I would give them a bag or two (or if it was a gift- I would just buy the $8 box). I’ve slowly turned my friends and family to the green tropical side of life. (My father, who orders a quad espresso at Starbucks, is addicted.) The bags are extremely well made and the ingredients are fresh. A bag has enough power to brew a pot or to use for two cups. The green taste stands alone in the first part of the sip and then the tropical taste kicks in for an un-bitter aftertaste. mmMmMM.



Don’t they make shampoo and soaps? Yes. And they make one tea. Caffeine free goodness. I first had this tea at a spa years back but only a year ago I figured out who actually made it. At $14 dollars a box- it’s worth it. When I have headaches, I turn to this tea instead of Advil. It has complex taste. Within a sip you distinctly taste: Peppermint, Licorice/ Menthol and Basil. It’s like Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where she is trying the gum. “Ohhh, now I taste…”

As tea-zilla, let me know if you have tea you can’t live without and we’ll see if it isn’t in my cupboards already. 🙂


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