Buttercream Frosting

Stop the frosting insanity.
Frosting is critical.
And in my book— buttercream frosting should be the only frosting .
Yeah, there are other types and I know people can use those frostings to make interesting designs. But why? When the frosting tastes fake, then it’s not worthy of eating. I’m already aware that cake isn’t healthy, but I am even more aware of it when it doesn’t taste good.

I wanted to share a family recipe so maybe just maybe some of you will think twice before reaching for the pre-made frosting can. I know it’s easy… but it’s not easy for me to swallow. The recipe is straight forward. Follow the steps and it will turn out perfectly.

Buttercream Frosting

Step 1: A ½ hour before take your Kitchen Aid silver bowl and put it in the fridge. (Plastic bowls will not work for this)

Step 2: Separate 1 egg. Toss the yoke. Put whites in the cold silver bowl. And whip in until the egg white is stiff (May take a few minutes on high.)

Step 3: Slowly add one cup of sugar while the mixer mixes it in.

Step 4: Add ½ cup of white-solid Crisco shortening.

Step 5: Add 1 stick of margarine or butter. Mix well.

Step 6: Add 1 and ½ teaspoon of almond extract. Keep mixing.

Step 7: Micro ¾ cup milk for 45 seconds. Turn the Mixer to a medium speed and slowly add. (so the milk doesn’t splatter.) The milk will melt and blend the sugar and make the frosting creamy.

Step 8: Try not to eat the entire bowl of frosting before you frost your treat(s). Heh.

Buttercream Frosting


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