Chinese For Two

The Hubby and I had Chinese tonight. We somehow have gotten into a Chinese routine, now that we found a place near us that is decent. It seems like every Friday now I’m picking it up on my way home from work. It’s Mui’s Chinese Food Carryout in Clawson on 14 Mile Rd. We are addicted to there Almond Chicken. We’ve tried a few other things, but still seem to like the Almond Chicken best. And they give you enough to feed a family of four. (but rice to feed two). It’s reasonably priced and I’m a fan of the egg rolls.

I also love visiting my grandparents in Westland because there is this Chinese Place called Yun’s Village on Warren Rd. It’s SO cheap and so good. Their Almond Chicken feeds a small army.

Also, when I used to live in Macomb we went to New Great Wall (On Schoenherr and 22 mile Rd.) . And when I am over there, I still like to visit. When I graduated from High School- I had them cater my party : ) I like their lettuce wraps… etc. It’s reasonably priced and good portions.

PF Chang’s… and his younger, faster sister Pei Wei are always a classic. But that’s probably a known factor with everyone.

Fortune cookie anyone?


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