Tea and Cheese Please… :)

Oprah was right… (or what is Gail?) Meh. Either way… those ladies know good food when they eat it.

This week I was able to go to the super cute Café Muse in the RO. It’s quaint inside and the dishes are from Ikea. It’s somebody’s dream that came true, and I so very glad to support them. The food actually had creative thought put into creating it. I had – the classic grilled cheese (with honey). It took two bites to have my taste buds adjust- but it sure was yummy. Also- I had the soup of the day (carrot basil). Ahhhmazing.
I thought prices were decent- and service was excellent! It was worth waiting in line and I should be back… to try other things on the menu.


Also… went to goldfish tea shop also twice in the last week. It’s a cool chill place that you can sit with a friend or two and split a pot of tea for like 5 dollars. The hubby and wife are a cute duo and their knowledge of tea is helpful as you go through all the different kinds. It’s nice because they little pastry’s, and Internet access… hope to be back there soon.



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