The Unknown Skinny Side of Life

It’s time face the facts and the mirrors. I’m not a skinny bitch.

I read Skinny Bitch (written by some pencil thin bitches, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin) after my friend told me how amazing it was. And after reading it (about 2 months ago), I couldn’t even think about eating another omelet. But growing up and loving my meat and potatoes, I was confident that all I would need to see was a summertime BLT, or toasted salami sandwich- and I would be back to my meat eating ways. And I did start eating meat again… but as I was chewing I was thinking about the animal torture, the dirty conditions, and how hard my body had to work to actually process it…. and I started to really re-think my meat intake. I mean though my taste buds were trying to jump for joy, my brain would not shut off and just let me enjoy it.

So, I’m thinking it’s time for a serious test for a bacon lover to change. I want to go vegetarian for a month. My hubby has agreed for the meals he eats with me- to eat them vegetarian. Now, I doubt I can ever change his mind on meat, but I really want to prove in a month how delicious a vegetarian life can be.  I know the Skinny Bitches are vegan… and I don’t think I can go that extreme (baby steps… baby steps). So this weekend, it starts. I am already looking up recipes and planning out our first week.

If you haven’t read the book, go out and buy it or rent it.

Oh,…  This is what we ate tonight:
•    I didn’t have sun-dried tomatoes… and I added spinach. And I used short noodles instead and I added just alittle cooking sherry. And it was scrumptious and really easy after a long day at work.

Also- Note to self: Don’t open a can of anything over an open drawer. Chopped olives accidentally in the silverware drawer = not a fun thing to clean. Gah


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