Little Caesars, Big Wallet

I have a soft spot in my heart for Little Caesars. My Aunt and Uncle used to work in the Fox building downtown for Mr. Ilitch. And one year- when it was take your kid to work day- I was able to attend. I remember being in awe the entire day. I thought it was cool how we were able to make our own pizzas for lunch. I thought it was awesome that we could run the bases in the old Tiger stadium.  I remember even being impressed that they had their own day care in the building. It was a great memory for me.

So my tangent brings me here. Last Sunday. My dad scored tickets to the Detroit Tigers game (we won 6-4).  I ran Stony Creek with my dad earlier that morning (6 miles), so I felt I deserved a big cheesy pizza.

5 dollars Hot and Ready you say? Mmm what about $14.25 for a Little Ceaser’s cheese pizza. That wasn’t a typo. What in the world? How many millions of dollars does Ilitch spend on marketing and advertising assure us that it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, it’s always 5 dollars for a pizza. But I guess it matter is the location… And I guess in Detroit… right across the street from the headquarters, you can find this famous Detroit brand- for almost 3 times the price. I think it was a couple quarters more for pepperoni pizza. Jeeze. Okay Mr. I- I know you own Tigers and the Wings- but can you give me a price break down on why you have inflated your prices so much? You make vegetarian rethink a 3-dollar hotdog. (Just kidding… but still!)
I know the Detroit economy is bad… but you are in the black right?
My mom suggested that if you really sold the pizza for 5 bucks a pizza, you would sell a ton more pizzas, and you would put the hot dog stands out of business. Ha. I think though- it wouldn’t! It would just bring you even more money. Go ahead. Try it. Do a “Hot and Ready” Game Day- and just see the difference! Give your loyal pizza lovers a lil’ break.

I still paid that $14.25- and even on a 90 something degree day- it was delicious. And I still have respect for you, your family and what you have done to downtown Detroit. But my wallet doesn’t like your pricing as much.

Oh, side note! The advertisements used in the stadium with the Pizza, Pizza mascot (Does he have a name?)… The one where he uses his nose to point to the closest vendor- That my friend, is one of the best advertisements have going for you at this point. Your television commercials feel disconnected, 90’s ish… and I kinda feel you are selling board games instead of pizzas. I’m not saying that selling pizza needs to be sexy. I just don’t need be sold to as if I am 4 years old.

Okay… one last word. Can we have a Hot and Ready… but with actual veggies on it?

Isnt he cute?

Isn't he cute?


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