Salad Greatness At La Marsa

One of my favorite carry out dishes is Feta Fattoush Salad from La Marsa, formally owned by La Shish. Add in an order of Hommous and bread- and you made me one happy gal.  I don’t know why, but I crave this meal… especially after a day or two of unhealthy eating.

Last week, I met up an old friend at La Marsa and she ended up being an hour late. Luckily I had my phone to catch up on e-mails and texts. The only thing that got me is that I overheard the staff snickering that I had been waiting for an hour. Yes, granted, I already knew it was a crappy situation (and was apologetic to the waitress who told me it was no problem), and if would had realized that my friend was really going to be an hour later I would have gone shopping or something. Snickering at your guest = makes me not want to give you a 20 percent tip. Granted I still did because I felt bad I had taken table space for longer than I imagined.  But overhearing them talk about made me feel even worse and more guilty.

The only other minor complaint that I had was the ladies bathroom.  I was surprised about the differences in bathrooms between La Marsa on Rochester Road and The Palm Palace Restaurant (PPR) on Hall Road (which was also formally owned by La Shish). The differences were night and day.  PPR really treated their bathroom like a Palace. I’m just saying… if you want to serve authentic food and have an authentic atmosphere- please don’t have your bathroom seem lifeless and barely mediocre.

Maybe I’ll just stick to carry out next time.

Food was exceptional (as always) : A
Service: C+
Restaurant Atmosphere: B

My POV @ the table


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