Twitter + WordPress = U(g)hhhh

I’m an idiot.

I just spent lots of time (more than I want to admit) trying to figure out how to get my twitter updates and to update on wordpress. I probably didn’t even do it right- but I’m too exhausted to figure it out tonight.

So I made something kinda meh last night. I had good intentions, but it tasted like Synder’s Honey Mustard Pretzel Bits, but w/o the crunch. At first- I thought YUM! but after a few bites I just felt myself getting fatter. And after I made it, I was distracted by the phone- So by the time I got back to it was cold and it felt like I was eating the dough like substance. ick.

This is what it was- and if you can figure out- how to make it better- please share.

3 Red Potatoes, 3 eggs, two tablespoons of relished (squeeze juice out), mustard (eyeball it), hummus (eyeball it)… (btw- I don’t have mayo in the house yet), 2 sticks of green onion, couple shakes of garlic powder. I ended up throwing some milk to make it feel more moist- but regretted it. It would of been fine if I had some celery, but I was out.

Tonight the hubby made something out this Abs Diet Cookbook that I bought him for Christmas. It was a black bean soup and a salmon burger.

Justin makes dinner! Yum!

Justin makes dinner! Yum!

He was telling me how each of them contained “Power Foods”… blah, blah, blah- all  I heard is that he would make this for me anytime. 🙂

The rents will be in town next week visiting and I’m already debating on what I will be making. Should I stay with the classic (stuff I know I make well?) or be adventurous? Hmmm…


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