Digital Tap (Press Here)

The other day my coworker (@edorr on Twitter) and I went to the Jewel-Osco right by work. She was picking up lunch and I wanted something to compliment my egg sandwich. We were getting ready to go but was distracted by an enormous end-cap. 

A large computer touch screen read:

Digital Tap

Savor Beer & Food Pairings

Beer and Recipe Ideas at your Fingertips

Okay. You have my attention.

I don’t know who made this fantastic configuration, but I think more companies should make them.

Let me walk you through the “experience”.

Like most beer websites- you have to enter your birth date. (Though, I always wondered, what stops a 15 year old from lying? Or if you type in a 21 and under date does something more kid friendly pop up?)  Once you are in though you have a few cool options.


What. Is. This?

What. Is. This?




Pick the beer you want to drink- and it will tell you the recipes that will complement them.



Looks good eh?

Looks good eh?



Pick the type of menu you are having (Fish, Beef, Vegetarian…), from there pick the one of many recipes they suggest. And once you find a recipe you like, you can print it there, right on the spot for free.



Dinner idea printed in seconds. 🙂


And when it prints off it tells you the best beer pairings suggested. Which happen to be on sale on the end-cap you are looking at. You can click on the beers and learn more about them and where they stand in the line of suggested beers.


Some of the beers that were being promoted...

Some of the beers that were being promoted...



After 15 minutes of Oooo-ing and Ahhh-ing we headed out. Last night I was trying to Google search to see who was talking about this- and I couldn’t fine anything. On the printed recipe receipt it had 2008 Publications International, Ltd. What they should  of also done was make a micro website. It’s great information, why not?

Here is another reason I think this works in a sly way. And this is just my theory. You know when drinking wine became a trendy? Instead of us bringing a six-pack to a party- we were picking up a bottle of Shiraz instead. And at first I thought it was partly- we were growing up- and partly- it seemed like a better gift.

Heh. I feel like this is the Beers industry’s way of saying- we can just as trendy as wine. You want selection? Oh, we got that. Now, you go to Europe and they are used amazing beer selections. And they have great wine selections. Hence, why people drink lots. Ha, ha! Okay- we do also…  But that demand is hitting the US. My husband rarely drinks wine. Specialty beer though? You have his attention!  The classic brands aren’t doing it anymore for him (as much as they used to). Sure he appreciates the classics, but he’s curious about these new microbrews. 

Finally, I know red wine often goes with beef and white wine often works better with chicken and fish but I don’t know what kind of beer goes well with Beef, Chicken or Tofu. It used to be that it didn’t matter. But now it does. Thus, why the Digital tap is so great.  Nope, no need for a wine sommelier or beer specialist. Nope. Not when you just trying to get inspired to “find dinner” at your local supermarket.

Love it.

Pesto Lasagna with Leinenkugel’s Original… Mmm. Sounds good. 


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