Weekend Goodies

Made this on Friday night in celebration for the hubby’s good grades.
“Healthified” Angel Chicken Pasta found on my Betty Crocker iPhone Application.

My hubby's new love... :oP

My hubby's new love... :oP

Now, haven’t cooked with meat since April of last year. With that in mind- I never knew I could make my husband so happy by cooking with meat again. Ha, ha. He said, “I could eat this every week honey. Really.”

Yesterday my Aunt and I went to Ann Slathers for brunch.
She talked about these amazing rolls she had 20 plus years ago.  Now, I’m not a huge fan of Sticky Buns- but boy these were good!
When I was there I had the most interesting omelette. I almost didn’t order it because it sounded a little gross.

Mexican Omelette – $8.95 An Avocado Delight

When I asked the waitress what it was she said, “ Omelette with guacamole inside and salsa on top.”

Not your average brunch!

Not your average brunch!

Now, I’m a sucker for guacamole. So I went for it. Ahhhmazing! It was light! Not to crazy spicy and fun with the side of potatoes. I’ve never seen an omelette like that. I would have never paired guacamole with eggs. My aunt had something good but admitted my dish was even better.

Last night- stayed in and watched 10,000 B.C. and I made quick Greek Pizza with some Pillsbury crust (I think all the Pillsbury tubes were on sale this week-so I bought a few cans).

The Greek pizza just had diced spinach, diced tomatoes, and lots of feta cheese on it! Simple and delicious!

Greek Pizza Greatness!

Greek Pizza Greatness!

Tonight- Dinner at the Aunts! 😀 I think she is making some recipes out of the new Martha Stewart- Real Simple Magazine. Yay!


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