Book Review: Soul of a Chef

My foodie colleague let me borrow her copy of “Soul of a Chef”- written by Michael Ruhlman. I really enjoyed this book. It kinda felt like a Food Channel Inside Edition but for bookworms (Especially when Ruhlman follow a CIA group). I like how Ruhlman took us inside the kitchens and worlds of the 3 chefs. They all go through very different pressures- but with the same type of elements. Ruhlman makes a memorable 10 course literary meal.

It’s one of those books that when you get hooked into- you forget where you really are. I, for one- missed my train stop one time as I was reading. Heh.
There is one page in the book where one of Chef Thomas Keller goes through the experience of killing rabbits. He talks about the first time he did it wrong and rabbit screamed. Couldn’t get that vision out of my head for days for some reason.

I think out of the three main stories, I liked reading Lola chef Michael Symon. Probably the best because I felt he was the least pretentious.  I liked how he made it a partnership business with his wife. And I like how his workers were almost like family.  If I ever went back to the restaurant business, I would want to work there.

I think why I love this book is it asks the question, “What makes a great chef?” Is it their family influence? Is their determination? Is it their trained knowledge? Is it their ability to work under pressure? All of these elements are combined to make 3 very complex characters.

For the Foodies out there- this is a must read.  I’ve honestly just dived into the foodie books- so if you have a good suggestion- I’d love to hear it!


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