“I’m in love with this meal.”

I’ve missed you Kitchen.

This weekend was a great reminder how much I love you.

I love making simple fruit salads. This week’s fruit combo is melon and red grapes.  Last summer we were addicted to red grapes and peaches.
If somebody would have told me when I was young, “You will enjoy using your Melon-Baller”- I’m sure I would have thought they were a little strange. But really I like how it looks and I love that I don’t have to use a knife.

I love the way fresh cookies smell when they come out of the oven. Today I made: Milk Chocolate-Butterscotch Cafe Cookies (I made these this morning for a few people we’ve been meaning to thank.)

C is for cookie... :)

I love when my husbands gets involved in the kitchen with me. This weekend our new grill arrived (Weber Spirit e-210… so far… so good!)– and the hubby has been excited to try it out. I bought him the Webber Big Book of Grilling at Borders this weekend-
And when I said I needed help grilling some eggplant- he opened up the book and told me how he was going to help.

I guess you put some kosher salt on the on the eggplant for 30 minutes. This helps draw the bitterness out.  You put them on a cooling rake over a cookie sheet so it can catch the water.
After the 30 minutes he patted it dry and then brushed olive oil on it and grilled it.
Also the book said that you don’t put your eggplant in the fridge. So… we took ours out before cutting it in ½ inch slices.

Let me tell you where this going. So, Foodbuzz asked me a month ago if I wanted to try some new pasta… and F- being my favorite word (free)- I said sure. They sent me Buitoni’s Wild Mushroom Agnolotti. Now, I am a mushroom snob. If I order a pizza with mushrooms I ask if the mushrooms are canned or not. And if they are canned- I don’t order them. Side story: One night my hubby made a pasta- and put canned mushrooms in to “see” if I really could notice. Ha, ha and I could. But I love him for trying. :oP  Anways- another note my hubby hated mushrooms for most of his life- has embraced only in the last few years. So, I knew this was a good challenge for us.

This is how I ended up preparing it.  It was really in 4 layers.

Layer One: 1 eggplant (see how prepared above)
Layer Two: I sautéed 4 chopped garlic cloves, chopped red oven and a zucchini in olive oil. I added a fistful of fresh parsley and two fistfuls of spinach.  After the onions were soft I added a handful of fresh parm cheese.
Layer Three: The Buitoni: Boiled as directed.
Layer Four: Another sprinkle of cheese and some more fresh parsley.

Hello, Beautiful. :)

Results? My hubby said, “You made lots of vegetarian meals that I love… but I’m in love with meal.“  And for my meat loving “This would be better with chicken”- husband- that is the best compliment I could ask for. I personally loved the freshness.  And that it didn’t feel heavy afterwards. The presentation turned out so well; that I would make this for family or close friends again.

Anyways- tonight I am making this Grilled Chicken Salsa Verde.

Learned about it from Betty Crocker’s the Mixer- (it’s these live cooking classes where you can talk to the actual Betty Crocker Kitchens…)  I checked it out for the first time last week- and loved there butter 101 lesson (seriously,  so helpful for the novice baker like me).

I’m not hungry… I swear… But I think I might want a little piece of chocolate to finish off that amazing lunch.


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