So a plum and an apricot walk into a bar…

Today I took my little rolling shopping cart in 90 degree weather and went to supermarket for this weeks groceries.

I was picking up some red grapes and I noticed an employee passing out free samples.

My mom say’s it’s her favorite F word.
Anyways, he had some fruit cut up in perfect slices on his little cutting board.

As I bit into the sweet and juicy err um…

“So what am I eating?

“It’s a Pluot”, he responded.

I wondered how many times he had said that already today.

He explained to me that it’s a hybrid fruit. It is a complex cross between a plum and apricot but it exhibits more plum-like traits.

Another woman asked him if these were grown in Australia.

He assured her that they were grown in the US.

I kind of wanted to take another slice, but I decided to invest into one. My body would probably appreciate it more than a bag of chips.

So I bought one 57 cent pluot and now I regret not buying a bag of them. Why wouldn’t I spice up my weekly fruit order?

I decided to research a little more on this fruit that was made by biologist and inventor Floyd Zaiger

I didn’t realize they had so many types of Pluots.
I think I had the Dapple Dandy: large sweet with pale green to yellow, red-spotted skin, red or pink juicy flesh.


It just proves that you learn something new everyday.

Even on a Sunday.

In Jewel-Osco.

From the employees.

In the fresh produce aisle.

And the foodie adventures continue.