The Chicago Food[ie] Tour[ist]

I have a minor confession.

My knowledge on where to eat in Chicago, outside my neighborhood, is extremely limited. We’re talking a minor step above tourist-status. Instead of putting on a fanny pack and heading to the Cheesecake Factory I realized it was time to admit something. *sigh*

I needed help.

Foodie support.

For Pete’s sake, I’ve been living here for 2 ½ years already.

At first, I thought that I could do this on my own.

I gathered Ms. Worthy and Ms. Quinn and created an unofficial grilled cheese tour.*

I made up two tours after researching for a couple of hours. We picked one and went on our cheese-filled adventure.  It was an excellent and delicious afternoon.

But we did it wrong. We only made it to two places because we were so full. I came home, after I consumed my daily calories in 3 hours, feeling like I could scratch the surface better.

I needed some professional help. I turned to the Chicago Planet Food Tours to show me how it’s done right.

The DH and I went on the Buck Town/Wicker Park tour.

We’re still talking about:

1.  My husband added celery salt to the grocery list after going to George’s Hot Dogs.

2.  Brewpub? Okay Piece, you have our attention. We’ll be back [very] soon.

3.  We’ve had plenty of Falafel since we’ve been here, but Sultan’s Market is by far the best we’ve had.

4.  I am so impressed by the use of Kitchen Aids in iCream. I love that it’s a build your own combo place. I like that flavor challenge.

5. How soon can we do the new Chinatown tour?


*Unofficial Grilled Cheese Tour
1. Birchwood Kitchen: Amazing sandwich. Best part? They split our grilled cheese in three. Now that’s service.

2. Hot Chocolate: Oh. My. Yum.  On all levels.

3. The Handlebar: We didn’t make it here… but I hope to try it out soon.

On a budget? I know we are. Which reminds me to check out very, very soon.

Bonus: Currently they are promoting a free South Loop Tour.